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Snowboard | Timbersled

Jessika Jenson is an Olympic snowboarder who has mesmerized audiences worldwide with her incredible skills and fearless approach. With a career spanning over a decade, she has competed at the highest level, representing her country on the grand stage of the Olympics. Now retired from the world of competition, Jessika has embarked on thrilling adventures beyond the confines of ski resorts and terrain parks. Venturing into the untouched backcountry with her husband, she dominates the pristine powder on their modified Timbersleds. Additionally, she continues to push her limits and stay sharp by riding dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and wakeboarding. A true embodiment of a multisport athlete, Jessika thrives in any environment she encounters, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes.

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HOME BASE: Salt Lake, Utah

BRAND HISTORY: Blenders Eyewear, Timbersled, Powerade, Garden Of Life, Bose Headphones, Prinsu Rack, and Klim

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