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"Extreme sports have been the backbone for a passionate and fulfilled life that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience. Whether it’s surfing my home break in LA, skiing the Sierra Nevadas or Rockies, or competing in the sport of diving which I’ve loved since childhood, it’s all a dream come true. The challenges faced and overcome, and the lessons learned along the way, have given me a sense of awareness, intention, and action that I take with me into everyday life. Competing in cliff diving has taken me to 45 countries and counting, and the unique communities, cultures, and cuisines are always something I cherish. Extreme sports have given me a perspective on life that helps me appreciate the small things, to stay in the moment, and to cherish experience and connection more than material and luxury. I love the action sports community with all my heart and I’m always grateful for the storytelling and shared experiences we have."

HOME BASE: Los Angeles, CA

BRAND HISTORY: Red Bull, Hugo Boss, MEILE, goodr, Bubs Naturals, Quest Nutrition, Nectar Sunglasses, Bowmar Nutrition

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