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BASE JUMP | Wingsuit | Cliff Jump | Stuntman

Chase Reinford aka: "Dong Destroyer," is an extraordinary athlete who has dedicated over a decade to pushing the boundaries of human flight. Renowned as a professional BASE jumper, wingsuit pilot, cliff jumper, innovator, and stuntman, Chase's primary objective is to showcase the world what is truly possible in these disciplines.

The entire process of extreme sports is a satisfying and rewarding one. The hard work that goes into these activities is often overlooked. With some stunts taking days of preparation from the scouting and calculation side, to then traveling and hiking up thousands of feet of vert to then wait on the perfect moment to execute something you might have been envisioning for weeks, months or even years. When it all comes together and you experience the feeling of freefall, you are forced to focus 100% of your mind and body into that one moment. That moment is blissful. To do these things at the highest level, that's what it takes and it is the most rewarding process to me.


       Chase Reinford



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BRAND HISTORY: Sony, LG, Celsius, Amazon

Chase Reinford has become an internet sensation through his exploits, with his online persona, "Adrenaline Addiction," capturing the attention of hundreds of millions worldwide. His jaw-dropping videos showcase breathtaking jumps off cliffs, buildings, helicopters, and any other imaginable locations across the globe. At his core, Chase is a storyteller who invites his audience to join him on his death-defying journeys. His ability to captivate and engage viewers has cemented his status as a prominent figure in airsports. ​ While pushing the industry forward remains a constant ambition, Chase also dedicates significant time to research and development. He is currently focused on his own BASE canopy, aptly named "Exile BASE," which aims to enable himself and fellow athletes to push the sport further while enhancing safety. After three years of rigorous testing and refinement, the design is poised for release sometime in 2023. Among Chase's most memorable stunts is an unforgettable moment in Panama. Alongside his close friends, he soared through the air in their wingsuits, reaching speeds exceeding 150 mph as they maneuvered between multiple skyscrapers in the heart of Panama City. ​ Despite his global exploits, Chase Reinford calls Bumf**k, Montana, his home base. It is here that he finds solace and draws inspiration from the untamed beauty of nature. Throughout his career, Chase has collaborated with esteemed brands such as Sony, LG, Celsius, and Amazon, leaving an mark on the world of extreme sports and capturing the imagination of audiences worldwide. Chase inspires millions to embrace their own passions and pursue the extraordinary.

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