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CALVIN HOFFMEYER, aka Captn Cal, lives for the thrill of extreme sports. With five years of skydiving under his belt, Calvin has taken his adventures to incredible places like Panama, Hawaii, Utah, and California. Extreme sports have completely changed Calvin's outlook on life, teaching him valuable lessons and forming unbreakable bonds with his closest friends. Calvin's incredible talent and love for extreme sports make him the perfect partner for brands looking to inspire and captivate audiences with his jaw-dropping feats.


Extreme sports has opened up my eyes to a new way of life, once I experienced, there was no going back. It has taught me so many life lessons, the biggest being the fragility of human life. It's given me the tightest group of friends I could ever imagine. Sharing the sky with someone is a bond you’ll have forever with that person, it's magical.


Photo May 21 2023, 5 17 47 PM-19.jpg


HOME BASE: Salt Lake City, Utah

BRAND HISTORY: North Face, Canada Goose, JD Sports, Blenders, LSKD, Gillys, ORB Aerospace

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