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BRENNAN LYTLE is a highly accomplished and versatile athlete with over a decade of expertise in highlining, speedflying, skiing, skydiving, kayaking, surfing, and rock climbing. Based in Bozeman, Montana, he has embarked on thrilling adventures worldwide, pushing boundaries in awe-inspiring locations from Baja Mexico to Moab, Utah. With his exceptional athleticism and proven ability to perform on camera, Brennan is the ideal ambassador for brands seeking to connect with audiences in the world of extreme sports, delivering compelling stories and inspiring others to embrace their passions.


Extreme sports have been an integral part of my life for quite some time now... Being fully present is another large draw to these sports for me. The mind clears itself from anything other than the task at hand, you're not worrying about anything in the past or future, your mind is fully in the present moment. Embracing the fear that comes with these activities has been instrumental in shaping how I  live the rest of my life. There’s something addicting about learning to control how to respond to fear; rather than running away from it, embrace it and continue on. Accomplishing a goal in the face of fear instills a sense of confidence in yourself that is impossible to find elsewhere.



HOME BASE: Bozeman, Montana

BRAND HISTORY: Ombraz Sunglasses, LSKD, IMPOSSIBLE, Formula Fun Surfboards, Forsake

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